Bioelectronic Medicine

  • non-invasive and portable medical device
  • safe and gentle electrical stimulation adjunctive treatment
  • electrical impulses of different frequencies combinations are delivered to the body to modulate physiological activities, achieving complementary therapeutic effectiveness
  • electrical impulse is delivered to the body through electrodes on the skin
  • 40 minutes to 2.5 hours

New Adjunctive Treatment Options for Chronic Diseases

  • diabetes
  • pain
  • sleep disorder
Our medical devices are developed based on thorough researches with safety and treatment efficacy validations. The design and manufacturing processes of our medical devices complied with both domestic and foreign regulatory standards.

From domestic medical device Quality Management System (QMS) to ISO13485 medical device quality management system standards certifications, our medical devices are designed, manufactured, and sold with 100% quality.

To provide better medical devices that could solve clinical unmet needs, we continue to actively work on the research and development of next generation medical devices with better treatment effectiveness.

2nd Generation Medical Device for Type 2 Diabetes Adjunctive Treatment

New Upgrade

  • one-touch operation
    • backlit display
    • smaller and easy to carry
    • long battery life
    • disconnection reminder

    Coming soon