Non-invasive Home Care Microcurrent Electrical Nerve Stimulation (DW1330)

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Product Concept

Microcurrent electrical nerve stimulation has the potential to modulate nerve activity and regulate physiological and endocrine functions, thereby restoring health, minus the problematic side effects of pharmaceutical agents.

  1. Currently, TFDA’s medical device license: 003997 (Class II, blood circulation, pain relief, and relaxation functions)

  2. Acquired certification GMP and ISO13485

  3. Acquired certification of medical electrical equipment, such as IEC/EN 60601-1: 2005, IEC/EN 60601-1-11:2010, IEC/EN 60601-2-10(2nd):2012 Performance Test, IEC 62304:2006, etc.

Device Future

There is unlimited promise in the application of Microcurrent Electrical Nerve Stimulation technology (MENS) in the treatment of chronic diseases. Designed and developed by TRWR, MENS is currently being used as a non-invasive, physical approach to treating and alleviating symptoms associated with diabetes mellitus.

Currently, a randomized, double-blind trial is underway at National Taiwan University Hospital, National Cheng Kung University Hospital, and two other medical facilities in Taiwan. The study is expected to be completed in 2018 and potentially become the world’s first non-invasive electronic medical device used to alleviate symptoms associated with type 2 diabetes.